Dec 26, 2005

A Long Way to Go

Christmas morning was lovely. We ate cheese grits and opened generous gifts. We were about to put tom turkey into the oven so he'd be ready for a 4pm dinner.

"Ï just hate wind," Aunt Elaine said as a gust flew through the house. She was on her way downstairs to see brother Rick's drill press.

BAM!!! The wind caught hold of the door in a draft and slammed shut.


"Äre you all right?" I asked pensively. She calmly replied, "No." I walked back up the stairs where Elaine was standing, shocked. I noticed some blood had spurted all around her. "My finger was in the door," she said. "I may have lost it. I think I might faint." She sat down right at the top of the stairs and within seconds passed out. We gathered ice and held her finger tight, calling out her name to stay conscious. She turned white. The EMS boys arrived, one quite sweaty. They wrapped her up and we were off to the emergency room. Luckily, she didn't lose her finger, but she did shatter her bone and has 5 stitches.

As we finally sat down to christmas dinner at 8:30pm last night, my mom said, "It's a long way to go to get out of helping with the dishes, Elaine."

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jeffro said...

ayyyyy....reading this (and seeing the pic) makes me cringe!