Dec 13, 2005

I recently found a fantastic blog called Experimental Linguistics. It covers topics such as "The 25 Funniest Country Music Song Titles" and "Dictionary Shows Why it's Easier to be Nasty than Nice."

Unrelated and oddly, this here site has been hit on nearly 200 times today, mostly with folks using some search engine or another to look up "Brazilian tennis star fans chant gu-ga." The searchers are obviously looking for something about Gustavo Kuerten, but he hasn't been in the news. They find my site because this exact phrase was used in one of my trivia questions. The odd part is, why would 200 people from a WIDE geographical range want to know about GuGa in the span of 8 hours when he hasn't done anything newsworthy?

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Anonymous said...

Why are you using " a famous name like Kuerten", just for us to loose our time, nothing else to do?