Dec 13, 2005

Comfort Food

Tonight, there's a special Elton concert on NBC. It's the TV version of his Vegas show. Since my introduction to music consisted entirely of my blindly choosing "Sleeping with the Past" with a gift certificate that went along with my first ever CD player, (way to go end caps!) I have been in a deep love with the man. Although I'm not much up to watching this particular show on this particular night, I find it deeply comforting that people from every part of my life since that day in 1989 associate me with Elton. When something like this network concert airs, I get calls and emails from the way back machine. At this point, Elton is still my hero for bringing long lost friends back into the fold. Despite his temper tantrum ways, he's a unifier, really.

Also, I went to Paolo's tonight with Gina B. and her folks. Had the delicious Penne Arrabiate (although does anyone really do it better than San Marco's?) in celebration of Ms. B.'s swearing in ceremony tomorrow. The dinner was lovely, but even better was our precious time in the rental car waiting for it to warm up enough to drive away. Mrs. B mentioned several times that she loves dogs and wants to have one. As we got into the car, I said something about a dog barking. Then:

Mr. B: "That sounds like what I hear every Saturday morning at 5:30am. She barks."
Gina B: "Who barks?"
Mr. B: "mummy." (laughter all around)
Mrs B: "yes, I bark because he keeps the remote on his side of the bed and I'm just warning him that I want to watch my dog show that starts at 6am." (more hearty laughter all around) "It didn't seem weird until I just said it out loud!"
Mr B: "It's been going on for 10 years. Every Saturday morning."

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