Nov 26, 2005


Team Name: There's Something Fishy Going On (if you're in Atlanta, you know why)

Round 1
Sports: George W. Bush was managing partner of what Major League Baseball team?
Food: Which has more calories, dark or white meat?
Movies: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles takes place over which holiday?

Round 2
Fairytales: Turkey Lurkey was a friend of what character?
Music: Who won both artist and single of the year at the country music awards?
Geography: What country borders Syria to the north?

Round 3
Movies: What is the subtitle to the Charlie's Angels sequel?
History: The Battle of Yorktown took place in which state?
Television: Which character's wife almost hit you in the face with pie on Cheers?

Halftime: Name the 90's song title from each of these lyrics.
a) At home drwing pictures
b) Stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to
c) Ain't talkin about PLayboy, cuz silicon parts are made for toys
d) I know who I want to take me home

Round 4
Science: Force equals mass times acceleration is whose 2nd law?
Radio: What does FM stand for?
TV: What is the name of Greg Brady's rock star alter ego?

Round 5
Anatomy: Which bone's official name is the zygoma; tailbone, cheekbone, or heelbone?
Geography: 3 states border Lake Superior. Which doesn't start with the same letter?
Movies: In Trading Places(1983), the Duke Brothers try to corner the market in _____?

Round 6
Sports: True or False: Bobby Cox is the only back to back "Manager of the Year?"
Sports: Which 2 teams have played on Thanksgiving since 1978?
Food: What vitamin in cranberries keeps you from getting scurvy?

Put these inventions in order from earliest to most recent:
a)Birth Control Pill
b)Neon light
d)Smoke detector

We came in 2nd place, mostly due to Uncle Tom's ability to NAIL the final question with confidence. We did have one tiebreaker (which we won) to get the $25 2nd prize:
How many years did Wilt Chamberlain play in the NBA?

Answers available on demand!

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