Nov 22, 2005

Suitcase Caper

They're at it again. Traveling around without me. I laid out my clothes for today's trip to Georgia, but didn't walk up the stairs to get my little green bag that could from the laundry/storage room. After all, I had permission to be late to work and could easily pack in the morning. Morning came and I stepped into my crocs and wandered upstairs to find a whole lot but none of it resembling my little luggage darling. I went downstairs and rustled through the overstuffed closet down there. Developing paranoid thoughts that a housemate took it without asking, I ran up and down checking and rechecking. I called my boss and she offered to drive me to her parents' house to give me one of their apparent hundreds of large ones. Eventually she just told me to take the day off and I found the bag in the secret staircase where things sometimes get thrown.

Nevertheless, this could be a final voyage for old Samsung. You see, a good friend gave me candles to take to my hotel during the bar for good luck. With today's blistery weather you may not easily recall the heat of July, but those candles did some serious and permanent melting on the inside of the case. I should have taken that as an omen!

The bag is an unusual color and is innately recognizable to me on the baggage belt. Luckily, I gave $25 to my alma mater this year and they sent a handy-dandy luggage tag to help me find my future, most likely more boring, travlin bags.