Nov 27, 2005

Stuff I've Seen and Gleaned

Things I've learned in Atlanta this Thanksgiving:
1. In Kennesaw, GA (about 26 miles from Atlanta), it's illegal NOT to own a gun.
2. Stone Mountain was a mecca for the KKK. I previously thought of it as just a nice place to ice skate, hike, catch a laser light show and maybe have my cousin throw up on me a little in the car on the way home when we were very young.
3. The butts of Aunt Elaine, Cousin Meredith, Mama, and me measure exactly 54.5 inches across. This is also the exact length of the backseat of the car. That's 13.62 inches/butt, BUT we're not evenly sized.
4. Wendy's and Airtran are in cahoots. If you buy 32 Wendy's drinks you will receive a one-way AirTrain ticket. Buy 64 and you go round trip. One particular Wendy's that we've ridden by about 32 times has this information on their marquee.

Also seen:
The High Museum
The southeast's finest art museum recently opened extra wings. We took in the Andrew Wyeth exhibit and learned through earphones that he thought of his dad as a rock, a hill, and a house among other objects. The museum is gorgeous and is a beautiful place to take in beautiful things. Form meets function here.

Fernbank Museum
The IMAX theatre here is always a favorite. We caught many a rapid by seeing two river films. (a)The Mystery of the Nile is about a modern day rafting trip from the river's alpha to its omega; the first group to ever achieve this feat. (b) The Grand Canyon follows early settler's adventures. If you're in a predicament and need to choose between these two, my recommendation is the Nile because its true story documentary style reminded me of the great Everest film. The Grand Canyon was hokey by comparison.

The Georgia Aquarium
Original Home Depot co-owner Bernie Marcus dunked $200 million into this largest aquarium on earth. The buzz here is bigger than Arcade Fire's in the 2004 blogosphere. When we arrived, the line looked about 2 weeks long to the entrance. Luckily Aunt Elaine pre-ordered tickets so we sauntered right through the metal detectors and into the fish (pictures to be posted). The big tank did look magnificent, but it felt like there were as many people as dollars and gallons of water poured in there. A word of warning for Mr. Marcus: watch out for Disney. They will be none too thrilled with your cute orange mascot fish named Deepo.

Taqueria del Sol
What a treat! Sietsema would be pleased as punch with the clean, quick, cheap and delicious offerings here. Two words: Fish Tacos.

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