Nov 18, 2005

Stop, Drop, and Roll

"It's really smoky," G remarked as she rubbed her eyes.
"I'm surprised any of us are alive in here! Look at the air! We should all be crawling on the ground to the nearest exit."
Such is life in the full Black Cat.

Both Dosh and Andrew Bird appear to be artists who prefer to stay in their own heads, experimenting in isolation rather than collaboration; a strategy that works well for them. I respect and find intriguing the lone man geniuses out there, but they just aren't as fun as collaborator geniuses in a live performance setting. I would be hard-pressed to name an artist I'm a bigger fan of right now than Andrew Bird, but he's more compelling on record than in person. Except for that cute nervous tick motion of his head to the right. Perhaps it was the annoying girl smoking pot next to me, maybe it was the freezing cold long line to get in, or maybe I'm dissapointed that he has left off the setlist the best track from Mysterious Production of Eggs (Masterfade) for his last two DC appearances, but I thought the show was just okay.

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Gina Beck said...

Agreed. I did like the increased violin action, since Mr. Dosh was handling the electronics. However, in general, I was waiting for the magic and it just never quite appeared.