Nov 1, 2005


I'm generally a cheery-type, but every so often end up in the dumps for one reason or another. I'm not sure if it's the time change, impending winter, bastard shoes cutting my feet up, or various friends exiting my life for now, but this last moment in time I've had tight shoulders and a general weightiness about me (it may also be a growing rear bringing me down). For this reason, I was skeptical about taking up an offer for free Rufus Wainwright tickets at 9:30 last night. I associate him with wrist-slitting sadness, but I went anyway and he put on a spectacular show. I still don't see myself being in the mood to listen to his recordings all that often, but wow does he ever have a fantastic swishiness about him. Not a bad singer/musician either. His rock-star mentality creeped through only when introducing his band, and announcing them all as "on backups" instead of vocals. That's right, Gay Messiah, they're backups and not in any meaningful way contributing to the artistry of the show. 3 songs in he played Natasha and won me over in the biggest way possible. That, and his propensity for rocking his right foot over his left every time he was concentrating or feeling the tunes in a special way. I have a friend who points her toe out to the side real hard when she's in a similar state and I've always found it quite charming. This reminded me of that.


nm said...

Indeed a fantastic show. Did you stay until the end, when he and his "backups" did OK Go's "A Million Ways" dance to one of his songs and then Rufus was crucified and sang "Gay Messiah"? And did any of the old gay men standing around you try to hug you? Because that happened to me.

wharman said...

That's fantastic. I'm not sure why I didn't mention the crucifiction. I'm still not sure what to say about it! Brilliant? Silly? Sacriligious? All of the above?

For the first time, I was sitting in the special magic VIP section. I'd like very much to do that every time I enter 9:30.