Nov 16, 2005

Near Atlanta Edition

I'll be making my annual Thanksgiving sojourn to Atlanta next week for family visits, scrabble, trivia, and football. This year, however, my visit will coincide with the opening of the new Georgia Aquarium. Always on top of what's hot in the ATL, Aunt Elaine secured us with tickets to see Ralph and Norton, the only whale sharks on display outside of Asia, next Friday.

"When the aquarium opens Nov. 23, it will become the world's largest by virtually all major standards of the industry. It was bankrolled almost exclusively by a $200 million gift from Home Depot Inc. co-founder Bernie Marcus.
'It's going to be the most unique aquarium in the world,' said Marcus, 76. 'I don't want to say the best. (Status as) the best will come after people view it and decide.'

In Atlanta/DC connections news, Andy Zipf writes to say he's opening for Drivin' N Cryin's annual Thanksgiving show at Atlanta's Roxy Theatre. This is a big one for the man with a silent p. as Kevn Kinney and band are an uber popular draw down south.

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