Nov 15, 2005

I had to congratulate IOTA's Stephen Negrey on booking such a rock solid show on a Monday night. Last night's Charles Bissell, Man Man, Okkervil River show certainly appeared sold out. Stephen shrugged and said, "yeah, common sense tells me to try to get the sure bets in early in the week so that the bands still building their draw can fill up the weekends."

Charles Bissell put on an impressive one-man band set, with plenty of innovative loops to fill out his sound. On a sidenote, he's an extremely docile and nice fellow, and interested in artists' policy issues to boot. I had the pleasure of spending time with him during FMC's Policy Summit back in September, and again last night on the patio while Man Man was playing. Nothing against Man Man, I just needed some air. It was crowded in that room! They sounded Rebirth-esque from outside, which can certainly not be a bad thing. Okkervil seems to be getting some blogger buzz. I enjoyed the horns and the few moments when all the boys harmonized. The lead vocals remind me an awful lot of the Brindley Brothers.

In other news, I must wish Housemate Jen a Happy Birthday! And thanks for giving me an excuse to try Hank's Oyster Bar tonight!

Tomorrow I'll be headed for the hills! Well, just Capitol Hill. For a hearing on fair use. Seems like a big topic to me, but I imagine we'll discuss Sony's recent DRM debacle and the Boucher Bill that would prohibit improperly labeled copy-protected CD's from entering the marketplace.

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