Nov 16, 2005

Hank's Review

"I'd like a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, please. You can pick which kind," I requested. The waiter smiled and asked, "Do you like sweet or citrus?" I replied a little too loud, "Sweet!"

I have no idea which one I received, but I suppose it was either Ken Forrester '03, South Africa or Domaine Bellevue '04, Tourine France. Either way, it went perfectly with my plate of oysters. I decided to order each of the 5 kinds Hank's was offering last night. Unfortunately, I can't remember the named varieties, but here's a list of a bunch of them.

The service was attentive without being intrusive, the atmosphere is comfortably stylish, and the oysters covered in horseradish popped beautifully in my happy mouth. For the entree, I ordered the Tuesday meat (ribs) with collard greens and macaroni and cheese. The ribs were tasty, although I have an unfair bias against beef. Ordering it was an accident of not paying attention. The collard greens were leafy! Not at all the greaseball I was expecting, but still delicious. The macaroni and cheese was crispy on top and juicy on the inside.

Hank's doesn't offer dessert, but they let us bring in a cake from Reeves, a local bakery I hadn't heard of before, but am a huge fan of now. Hank's Chef Jamie Leeds even cut it for us herself. Lucky ducks.
Three cheers for Hank's!

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