Nov 10, 2005

Fun with Google Search: "Pet Penguin"

Way before March of the Penguins was even a glint in anyone's eye, I was walking around telling everyone I wanted a pet penguin. How cute would it be to pat the sofa next to me inviting a tuxedoed one to hop up and share in some quality prime time boob tube? I imagine he'd look like an animalistic Jeeves but wouldn't be able to serve me things on a tray. Those arm flippers are just too little.

Q:Can I get a pet penguin?

A: Experts say it's not a good idea. Hmm. Experts Schmexperts. Further research suggests thatthe Penguin Warehouse will sell one to me! And thank me for waddling in! Things are looking up! Now I can start on this 4th grade project about caring for him. In fact, it looks like lots of kids in US schools are writing reports on what it would be like to have a pet penguin! Lesson plans abound.

Still more searching leads me to believe I've been foiled again! The Penguin Warehouse is an urban legend.

Some good penguins remember to take off their shoes and empty the change from their pockets in order to successfully get through airport security.

1 comment:

jeffro said...

you'll just have to read Mr. Popper's Penguins instead!