Oct 24, 2005


UPDATE (11:30am): The power must be out now. From reports the worst is hovering over Stuart now. When mama and I were discussing the advisories not to go outside during the eye, she said, "But you have to. That's when you get a break! And you can take the dogs outside." Ok, mama, but be careful of fallen powerlines!

UPDATE #2(12:30pm): I just reached by brother by cell phone and he had a somewhat panicky voice and said it was a lot worse than expected. He's registering a constant 100mph wind outside and the roof just started allowing the torrents in. Not bits, but whole bunches. He's gonna call me back when he gets that under control.

UPDATE #3 (1:00pm): Rick called back to say there's a 2 foot wave in the backyard. "I was having a lot more fun when the house wasn't starting to give in." He peered out the garage window and reported only 50ft visibility and a blinding white light that is sheets of rain. They are now on the bottom floor so they can hear each other think. Upstairs Rick reports a ROAR and says we're gonna have some drywall issues. The water is coming down so hard that it's pouring through the shutters and through the window seals. The screens are gone, maybe the porch fans. The neighbor's huge tree is cut in half. They think our boat is gone. The news says it will be another hour of hurricane force winds. Mom says:
"The sound is so constant. It just doesn't stop. That's how it is. Loud and louder."
and then: "oh boy, he's found more leaks. I better go."

UPDATE #4 (5:00pm): They have been outside to assess the damage. Some trees down and damages. The water is receding. Lost a bunch of roof shingles and may have to be a blue-tarped house for a while. The power is still out, but it's too breezy to set up the generator. The neighbors do have a LARGE tree down and one that landed on the house, breaking a window. Overall, not too bad. The roads appear passable.


wharman said...

17 or more tornadoes have been recorded. Lake Okeechobee's surge is what is making the river surge, forming the 2 feet waves in my family's backyard...

jenni pace said...

Hope your family is OK. Daughter and Son-in-Law are in Stuart. Was able to talk to them at around 11:30 (12:30 your time), but not since then.

Anonymous said...

When water is scarce you revert back to the old saying:
When it's brown, flush it down
If it's pee, let it be
Bet your Momma knows that too