Oct 24, 2005


(8:30am) I Just spoke to my family, who are bunkered on a barrier island on the east coast of south florida right now. They still have power and just took the dogs out. "It was breezy out there!" said mama. She also proudly told me she collected buckets of water yesterday because they now have no running water. To continue the toilet humor that has pervaded of late, mama giggled a little and said "I made a poop, and I could flush it because I had a bucket of water" like she was getting away with something. She also opened the door for me so I could hear the wind outside. It sounded like a loud train through the phone. We have a large tree in the backyard that was uprooted during Frances, tipped a little in Jean, and now may go over. Because of the direction of the storm, it will fall directly into the house. Developing...

CNN was absolutely hysterical this morning. Anderson Cooper was trying to win awards by walking as far out on a boardwalk as he could. They gave him a big man to hold on to. Miles O'Brien fell down. Twice. As he reported from Naples.

UPDATE (11:30am): The power must be out now. From reports the worst is hovering over Stuart now. When mama and I were discussing the advisories not to go outside during the eye, she said, "But you have to. That's when you get a break! And you can take the dogs outside." Ok, mama, but be careful of fallen powerlines!

UPDATE #2(12:30pm): I just reached by brother by cell phone and he had a somewhat panicky voice and said it was a lot worse than expected. He's registering a constant 100mph wind outside and the roof just started allowing the torrents in. Not bits, but whole bunches. He's gonna call me back when he gets that under control.

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