Oct 4, 2005

A Suessian Matchup

The Red Sox will begin postseason play by facing their midwest mascot counterparts, the White Sox. I believe baseball to be the perfect game, but can't help but think this week's headlines will be even more fun than the games:

Slow feet, quick feet, well feet, sick feet - All of them in S-O-X

After mixing colors in the washing machine of baseball, the CWS come out all pink!

You may remember that I shared a high school with Tre Arrow, the "eco-terrorist." The good news is that he's not the only well-known Fighting Tiger alumnus. Behold, New York Yankee pitcher Scott Proctor:

I had the tiniest moment yesterday afternoon when I cheered for the Yankees (of course, Boston was already guaranteed a playoff spot and was ahead by a good number of runs). Unfortunately, Scott gave up 3 runs in one inning, inciting unkind comments from the New York fans around me. I thought about each individual player's road to the majors for the first time. It's a really big deal to get there, and Scott has been on the spin cycle between the minors and majors quite a bit over the past couple of years. I imagine it's tough to bear some of the harsh Yankee fan brunt when his game's not "on" but I suppose when you ask for the major leagues, you ask for the pressure to go along with it! Good luck Scott!

*Also in high school news: Thrown for a Loop solicitations!

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