Oct 7, 2005


Born Into Brothels
This Netflix thing is really keeping me in the movie loop. Born Into Brothels is a documentary that I can only imagine began as an insider's peek into the world of Calcutta brothels. In the meantime, the filmmakers (photographer Zana Briski and director Ross Kaufman) develop relationships with children living there. Zana teaches them photography and they learn it pretty good, they do. For young children, they make surprisingly insightful statements about their collective lots in life. It's a desperately sad piece of film, but the kids are simply amazing. I kept wondering throughout the viewing whether the movie will change their futures for them, or allow different opportunities anyway. I sure hope so.

Saw this bastion of intensorama last weekend. I like intensity. I thought the acting pretty much sucked, but the premise was good; I remained riveted and I'm still thinkin' about it. Why does Matt Dillon always play such a creep?

Brendan Benson, The Alternative to Love
I took the hint from Kyle to finally check this one out. I really like the first track - played it for Gina B. tonight and she said it sounds like a cheesier version of her brother's band. I concur (regarding the first track most especially), except that maybe I'm getting a little bored with it now. I never get bored of Emergency Music.

Calexico and Iron & Wine, In the Reins
Love Calexico. Love Iron & Wine. Together they are utterly lovable. Unfortunately, not visiting anywhere near DC in the near future. I enjoy the unique live performance, and am sure this would be that. Boo.

I've also got my grubbies on the new Death Cab and White Stripes, but they haven't been with me for long enough to report. At first glance, Death Cab sounds cozy and familiar, and those are nice things sometimes, except when they're not. So far I'm loving White Stripes, a revelation nearly as shocking to me as the fact that I love Guero. Maybe the ole musical taste is growing. Keep in mind that I also listened to a CD with a man playing clarinet to live birds and I thought that was really something!


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