Oct 7, 2005

The Opossum

A True Rodent Story
Carolyn to me:
I just saw a one foot possum in the back!
ahh! It was inside?
Yes! (followed by discussion of the disturbing-ness of rodents in the indoors)

Me to Benny: Carolyn saw a one-legged possum in our laundry room today. Isn't that amazing?
Benny: what? it only had one leg?
Me: Yes. I wonder how it could have gotten in there. And with only one leg!

Even Later
Benny to Carolyn: Wendy tells me you saw a possum in the laundry room with only one leg.
Carolyn: What?
Benny: Did you see a one-legged possum back there?
Carolyn: I saw a possum with 4 legs. It was one foot long.

I love words. They can make things confusing and funny all at once.


Washington Cube said...

Opossums have dealt so easily in adjusting to the ecotone. I occasionally see them in the city at twilight, out for their evening constitutional. They don't run. They don't flinch. Just a glance your way, and they don't break their pace.

Anonymous said...

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