Oct 13, 2005

Happy Yom Kippur

Should have been Jewish. Not only would I have the opportunity to atone for my sins today, I wouldn't have gone to the Whole Foods lunch bar and filled up a cup with shrimp pad thai, and I wouldn't have put in a big mouthful only to taste something really not right. I wouldn't have then spit out my mouthful and found a BURNED CIGARETTE in the middle of my pad thai. If I had been Jewish I would be fasting right now.

UPDATE: I phoned in a complaint to Whole Foods. They're "disquieted" and leaving a gift certificate for lunch at customer service for me.


Newley said...

Holy crap did you take any pics?!?

jeffro said...

i've always been intrigued by the word "disquieted." so does that mean that they're getting all loud about it?

John said...

Did they actually use the word "disquieted"? That'd be mighty impressive diction to throw at the problem.

(and by the way, hi back at ya' & it was nice meeting you at the dcist birthday shindig)