Oct 19, 2005

Happy Birthday

This unhappy birthday website has been making its rounds about the blogiverse. It encourages the public to flood ASCAP and Time Warner (the performing rights organization and copyright owner of happy birthday, respectively) with reports of unauthorized performances of Happy Birthday.

While I applaud the idea to annoy Time Warner for their stinginess in licensing Happy Birthday for use in documentaries and other such places, I don't think that singing Happy Birthday constitutes a copyright infringment in most cases. If you're in your home, it's probably a private performance and if you're in a public place, they've probably already paid ASCAP an annual fee that allows you to sing Happy Birthday every day and twice on Tuesday if you feel like it. So, I enjoy the impishness with which this project is full, but I think it's only going to piss off restaurant owners and other public places that are exposed as having dodged their PRO agents.

via Siva


widttf said...

how about this unhappy birthday!?!?! putting up shutters for a category 5 hurricane on your birthday!!! stupid wilma

wharman said...

Sorry about that Ricky. Go ahead and sing the song while you're puttin em up!