Oct 13, 2005

Google Print

In the midst of wrapping my marbles around this Google Print debate I checked my RSS feed and found Dale Keiger's post about his upcoming publication on Roy Blount Jr. He posted an excerpt and told his readers to think of it as "a trailer in text." I'm guessing he's in favor of the Google Print project.

In attempting to come up with a witty reply to a friend's email today, I also googled a string of words looking for a funny association with them. Then and there I had my first Google Print experience, and as an online searcher I found it quite useful. Google gave me links to a large number of books that had my particular search terms within them, and I learned about 5 books today that I didn't know existed at this time yesterday. Now to get to the bottom of the legal mumbo jumbo and compensation schemes that may make this search ok.

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