Oct 23, 2005


The Background
Let's face it. I'm as old as I've ever been. Over the past many months I've noticed my body beginning a not-so-quiet revolution against my love for garlic-filled dishes. I've begun to pay attention to the idea of a balanced diet, increasing my daily fruit and vegetable intake enormously. You know what? I really like nature's chips and cookies, it's just that they take more planning and effort to get in my belly than the pre-packaged stuff.
The Middle
Last night I dined at Heritage India in Dupont Circle before heading to DC Improv for the Adam Ferrara show. The food was delicious. Spicy and creamy in all the right places. A fun departure from my recent health kick.
The End
Adam Ferrara* and his openers (whose names I can't remember and the DC Improv site makes NO mention of - so much for supporting rising stars) were funny, but I had an improv show all my own to contend with. Just when we squeezed into the tiny little seats at the club I felt the rumble. I went to the bathroom, but it was filled with women and a wait. I went back to the table. I sat through the performances until I nearly blew a gasket; holding my breath, switching positions, anything to subside the rumbles even if for only a few seconds. Desperate, I finally turned to my friend to tell her I needed to leave. I thanked her mother for picking up the dinner I was about to cherish all night long, and sprinted out. I've never been happier to pay $10 for a 10 block cab ride home.
* for any XM subscribers, they aired a live after-show interview of Adam last night. I'm sure they'll repeat it. I would listen if I had XM, he really did have some good bits. I wasn't there for the interview, of course.

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