Oct 10, 2005

Candy Bottles

Candy Bottles
Candy Bottles,
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Next Saturday I'm giving a co-ed baby shower at my house for Sarah and Tom K. I'm not familiar with the ways of the baby shower, so I turned to the internets who told me to buy baby bottles and fill them with candy; to buy play-doh and have a contest to see who can fashion the best looking clay infant. I did these things, but I can't see myself announcing to the attendees that it's time for the play-doh game! I got the "Big Book About Me" for the kiddo, and I figured it would be nice for all of us to write him a little welcome note in there. I bought the men nice cigars to take home, because that's the only trinket I could think of that they might enjoy. Even if they don't smoke them, I think most men are enamoured of a cigar. I hope the weather is nice so that we can let them be manly barbequers on the outside.

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wharman said...

I'm gonna make cute labels for the baby bottles and cigars. It'll be crafty. Unfortunately, my knitting skills aren't ready to tackle any little outfits or even blankets. Maybe when the kid is 10 he'll get a hat!