Oct 13, 2005

Back when I was smart, I went to Emory and was a Psychology major half the time. The other half was devoted to English and the other half to extracirricular activites. Just like a hockey game, my college experience had three halves. I took an early childhood linguistics course wherein I devised a report about how infants begin to parse individual words and attach meaning to them. There was a whole part about how it's part of our wiring to speak to babies in baby talk, as this usually makes it easier for them to begin to know what consonants go together and which ones signify the ends and beginnings of words. The signifiers are different for different languages, which is why "they" say it's better to teach very young children a second and third language early on.

Anyway, I just threw away that notebook as part of Fall Cleaning 05, and today ran across this link via Number One Hit Song. It's about a whole different thing but gets me thinking about how utterly fascinated with linguistics I was at one point, and how my interest is still always piqued by these issues. Perhaps in my next life I'll study them further.

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