Oct 18, 2005

18th & Florida

18th & Florida
18th & Florida,
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As a twice-a-day pedestrian at this spot, I find it to be difficult to navigate and almost always have to wait on two different lights before I've safely passed. That, or I engage in some dastardly jaywalking.

Back home in Stuart, FL, there's an infamous intersection called Confusion Corner, where 7 roads and a railroad crossing merge at one point. Here are some directions I found about it:
Approx 1 mile you'll come to Confusion Corner. You'll know that you are there because you'll be confused! This is a traffic circle. Drive counterclockwise and turn right onto Flagler Ave. before you cross over the tracks again."

In honor of my heritage, I now make a bold proclamation for all of us who take Pat&Charlie (yup, that's your left foot and your right foot) in DCNW; 18th & Florida shall hereafter be termed "Confusion Crosswalk".

Also, one who attempts to cross has a high likelihood of drunkenness or running into one or several drunks. This makes Confusion Crosswalk all the more tough to master. Like frogger.


wharman said...

Happy 30th Birthday Kathleen!

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