Sep 23, 2005

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow may kill me. I'll have to turn back the hands of time and attempt to reach into my college student soul:

11:00am: I plan to walk over to Asylum for the Bluestate Champagne feast.

12:00pm: I'll metro to Arlington. My home friends are throwing a keg rager. The reasons are twofold: (1) they're HUGE Florida Gator fans and will be cheering the reptiles on against the Kentucky Wildcats (2) they live directly in the middle of something called Blocktoberfest. Why they hold it in September will be one of my first questions, considering the namesake. I believe the company that puts this on is responsible for terrible street festivals that charge $15 to enter and $5 per beer, but I'm a glutton for punishment, and I love a street festival.

Later in the night: I'll head for the heights, Columbia Heights, for a going away party. I'm told it will involve a fake wall and beer pong.

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