Sep 8, 2005

I hit a button titled "disable" the other day when my internet wouldn't work. Now the computer isn't communicating with my Linksys doohicky at all. I'm shaking in withdrawal. Help?

It's ok because Summit planning is overtaking me. This FMC event is going to be incredible. When are you ever gonna see George Clinton and Hank Shocklee interviewed together about sampling again? Of course, it's all in the shadow of Katrina, which is weighing heavily on FMC's mind.

I think it's interesting that every time there's human suffering or need musicians are always among the folks stepping up to donate their time, talents and resources. Although it may be more worthwhile for me to be a part of an organization directly assisting the victims of natural or man-made disasters, I'm proud to work everyday to establish the institutional structures that enable artists to inspire and heal us.


Newley said...

Do you have a firewall on your computer, Wendy? Norton or MacAfee or something? It sounds like you hit "disable" (akin to "disconnect"), which shut down the connection from your machine to the router. Did you try re-booting and/or fiddling with the firewall software?

widttf said...

wendy, give me a call. i can help you.