Sep 4, 2005

I finally saw Finding Neverland. Hold on a sec. I'm writing this while listening to a podcast of Tokyo Calling and he just described the weather there as "a dry rain." ha.

I have something of a connection to the story of Peter Pan, because I was named after the Davies sister Wendy. In fact, I've been told over and over again by various people greeting me for the first time that the name Wendy didn't exist until James Barrie. This statement is true according to my handy Uncle John's Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader, which states in part:
Barrie added a sister, Wendy, modeled after Margaret Henley, the deceased daughter of Barrie's friend, W.E. Henley. The six year old girl had called Barrie her "fwendy" (friend) and from that child-word, Barrie invented the name Wendy. It rapidly became one of England's most popular girls names.

I was saddened to learn that Neverland seems to be death. What a heartbreaking movie.

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