Sep 22, 2005

A Jangly Breach

It's no secret that many rodents call Adams Morgan home. When they cross the border into our home, however, we must declare war. The following is today's plan of attack:

Ok, so I say we hit em hard and fast. Im going to get some mousetraps. We should start baiting with peanut butter and cheese in the kitchen and in J's office/fireplace. Its going to be like x-mas morning when we catch this guy.

Friends and neighbors,

Operation jangles will be dangerous. it will involve pinched finger tips and unseemly odors. it will test our perseverance, it will test our consciousness, it will test our mettle. but we will persevere, we will remain aware. we will fight the jangles' in the office, we will fight the jangles in kitchen, we will drop to our hands and knees and peer into the crevices in which the jangles' are found, and fight them there too.

The gloves are off. nothing is taboo. we will forget the phrase 'animal rights' --- the only laws that we recognize are the rules of the jungle... that's right: the big animals eat the small animals. We will feast, oh will we, on jangles family flambé, come christmas day.

The Janglez'ss are going down. I almost pee'd my pants.

Kill him and his rat posse.

UPDATE: September 27
A member of the Jangles family perished last night during the initial
shock and awe campaign.

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