Sep 23, 2005

Hurricane Science and Politics

Earlier today, Newley posted an interesting take on hurricanes' apparent increase in both number and intensity, putting the pooh-pooh on those who would blame global warming. My brother, the environmental scientist, then took issue with Newley's cites and provided an analysis on existing knowledge about global warming's affects on the intensity of these storms as well as the politics of global warming. I hope Jack W. and Ben P. will chime in at some point - I believe they usually have something to say about these issues.

Me? I can only contribute (which is to say, not at all) by claiming an uncanny ability to predict a storm's path. I haven't adequately tracked my successes, so without statistical proof I probably won't be invited to discuss my untapped talent on the Weather Channel anytime soon, but perhaps by next year's season I'll have Wharman Predictions at the ready.

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