Sep 27, 2005

From the Beach Edition

I'm sitting on a screened in porch in Lewes, DE. Doing some work, smelling the basil, tomatoes, and mint growing just outside. It's nice and breezy because of Rita, I think. Maybe it's just always perfect like this.

We had crabs and corn for dinner. We fished all afternoon from the jetty's, but didn't catch a damn thing. Maybe tomorrow. A serious fisherdude was castnetting and he gave us some greenies to use on the ocean side. I poked the hook through their eyes and mine was hit but I didn't let the fish take it... patience is a virtue that pays off in fishing. We're going back early tomorrow morning.

I bought a pair of bright green Crocs.

Two things I learned today:

Tequila makes you skinny

Overhanging fruit is public property. And it tastes good, too!

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