Sep 15, 2005

FMC Policy Summit

A Very Pho Dinner
A Very Pho Dinner,
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There she went. I hardly saw her, but had a fun and exhausting time nonetheless.
You can read all about the content of the event on various blogs, but here's my experience:

1. People in the know pronounce the famous vietnamese dish pha and not pho. It's a secret.

2. The people who work at Lisner Auditorium are above the best. The people who work at the Marvin Center are still reaching for the stars.

3. Tom Hazlett, proponent of payola in radio, will hand you his parking garage ticket and ask you for money, even though he most likely makes approximately 100x the amount of money you make. You will not give him money.

4. Geroge Clinton's hair is gray and pink. He has an impish grin and is surprisingly eloquent.

5. Hank Shocklee is NOT a big fan of planning things out. For instance, he will not look up how to get to Lisner Auditorium from Dulles airport before he lands. He will also land less than an hour before he is to take the stage. He will be way cool once he does arrive, though.

6. Being around Mike Mills and Bertis Downs of R.E.M. is like having sweet tea poured all over you. They rock.

7. Peter Jenner, manager of the Clash and Pink Floyd, isn't afraid to kiss me and tell me how to improve the conference. And then he's not afraid to lose the jacket that contains his passport and airline ticket back to England.

8. I liked meeting Shawn Fanning. I'm a Northeastern alum. He's pretty much all we've got.

9. Mitch Bainwol tried to woo the crowd by ripping off his tie. He also used typical republican fear mongering tactics to scare the kids.

10. Jon Langford is adorable.

11. Jonathan Adelstein is adorable.

12. Siva Vaidhyanathan is adorable.

13. Kembrew McCleod is adorable.

14. and by adorable I mean brilliant and smart and accessible to the little guys.

15. Derek Sivers has really funny hair.

16. Sometimes, Senators prefer to sit in their cheap Hondas to review their upcoming speeches.

17. Sandy Pearlman isn't a huge fan of eye contact, but the man is wicked genius and he remembers the good times.

Thanks to everyone who came!

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