Aug 16, 2005

I managed to do almost absolutely nothing this weekend, which was exactly the plan. Seemed like a good time to do it, as most people I know were out of town or otherwise occupied.

Last night I went crazy and drove uptown to the Uptown to see some Penguins March with Gina B. I didn't cry as promised, but I highly recommend going to see the amazing journey these little guys have to go through every year. It's hard to believe that everything in this movie actually happens on this planet.

After the March, we headed to Atomic Billiards for a pint to talk about the waddlers. The bartender reports that Atomic and whoever owns the old Park Bench are still working out lease details, but as soon as it's signed, the wall will come down quickly. Atomic plans to put more pool tables in. It won't have the Park Bench sports bar feel.

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