Aug 25, 2005

Seeking Irony and DCeiver want to know the 10 songs on repeat in my iTunes? I'm honored! It only takes a spark...

I listed a bunch of songs about a month ago, so there may be some overlap. I'm not going to look at that other list. There's laziness.

Beck - Que Onda Guero
Caitlin Cary - The Battle (feat. Ryan Adams)
Emergency Music - So Long to the Subtle
Jeffrey Foucault - Northbound 35
Lucinda Williams - Those Three Days
Johnny Irion and Sarah Lee Guthrie - Cease Fire
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches!
Ryan Adams - Dance All Night
Son Volt - Afterglow 61

Woah - didn't realize I was having such a countrified time. I'll pass it on to Gina B. (who just gave me a bunch of new music that will be on my top 10 list by next week) and Newley P.


Gina Beck said...

Talk about goes:

1. Northbound 35, Jeff Foucault
2. Masterfade, Andrew Bird
3. The Battle, Caitlin Cary
4. You Will You Won't, The Zutons
5. Accused of Stealing, The
6. Aim Low Young Man, Emergency
7. Morning Comes, Mittens
8. Sailing to Philadelphia, Mark
9. Ships, Redbird
10. Golden, My Morning Jacket

jeffro said...

"Konichiwa Bitches!" is one of the best song titles i've ever heard!

wharman said...

isn't it? I LOVE that song. Although I was stupid and didn't download it from Fluxblog... I have to figure out a way to get it... I think Seeking Irony can help.