Aug 17, 2005

As part of what Gina B. calls my summer of finishing things, I watched the season finale of Dawson's Creek for the first time. The creek airs on TBS every day from 10am-noon. When I first moved to DC I was very much without work, so I got sucked in. I would watched fairly religiously, but always had an interview or an appointment on the days that the finale aired, so I've never seen it. And this series-long quest for the true definition of soulmate had really left me hanging. Does Joey end up with Dawson or Pacey???

After all, this television series indirectly provided me with money to live my 22nd and 23rd years. When Dawson and Joey first rowed across the creek together, Edwin McCain's I'll Be was playing. This simple performance of the song skyrocketed the single to the Top 10 and ignited the selling frenzy of his record to gold record status. I'm not here to vouch for the quality of either Dawson's Creek or Fathead's song, but this single event gave me my introduction to the music business.Well, officially that internship at Kickass Entertainment my junior year did, but you get the gist. All of I'll Be played again while Dawson and Joey realized they were soulmates but not romantic partners in the finale, which did not net me any money with which to live my 29th year.

I am satisfied with the ending - I always did love that Pacey. Whew, I'm also glad I can check that to-do off my list. I suppose now I'll have to dive into The O.C. or some other nonsense.


Phil Rossi said...

The OC!

Am I less of a man-human-cultural icon if I confess to really, really, really enjoying the OC?

Because I really do.

wharman said...

No way Phil... it's just that I wasn't free enough of the Creek to enjoy new drama. It's time to play catch-up.

Phil Rossi said...

Woo hoo!