Aug 27, 2005

The praise for personal favorite EM and their album Kiss the Culprit is pouring in... Last month, the Improper Bostonian named them the Best Rock Band in their Best of Boston issue. Now, the Boston Music Award nominations have been announced and they've been cited again in the best local rock/pop band and best album categories.

I became a fan of Emergency Music because I know one of its members, but when Kiss the Culprit first hit my ears, I fell in love with the album in a totally objective way.

Here's what the Improper Bostonian said about them:
The Love child of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, Emergency Music is the latest group to puncture the boundaries of the local scene and survey the national possibilities. Repping Boston's proud tradition of power-pop (a la the Cars, J. Geils, the Lemonheads and the Sheila Divine), the band is fronted by Jesse Duquette, who crafts shiny pop nuggets as nutritious as they are tasty. Their debut album, Kiss the Culprit, has been in heavy rotation on college radio playlists, and acclaim has started to pour in from all corners. Local heroine Mary Lou Lord gushes about them, and they've garnered praise from the global girly site Supercult. Having rocked such prestigious festivals this past year as Texas' SXSW and the WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble, they were even recently mentioned in the New York Times' Sunday magazine. Their appeal is obviously broad enough to attract rock fans, pop fans and the latte-sipping bland-oisie, all of which can only mean bigger things in store for this fab foursome.

Congratulations boys!


Anonymous said...

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emergency said...

this post is a goddamn lie (the parts about her knowing us, not the parts about us being handsome) I've never met anyone by this name. I swear it was a complete coincidence that I came across this blog.

-john beck, emergency music

wharman said...

Hi John! I can't believe you found this...