Aug 28, 2005

I went to the Hirshhorn Museum for the first time today. I experienced Directions-Janet Cardiff, Words Drawn in Water and Visual Music. Both were utterly trippy exhibitions and I highly recommend trying them out for yourself.

Much of the Visual Music installation was dark, which was good for my hangover (I hit Saint Ex along with the rest of DC last night).The screens dancing to musical rhythms are both intriguing and satisfying to me.

Words Drawn in Water was an interactive and unique mini-tour of the mall. Words are failing me in coming up with an adequate description, so this is what the website has to say:

Led by an anonymous narrator-which is interspersed among enhanced recordings of ambient sounds, a cappella music, excerpts from historic speeches and snippets of interviews with individuals who recount their Washington, DC, experiences-participants will pass through the Hirshhorn plaza and Sculpture Garden, along the National Mall and through other Smithsonian museums. Cardiff's voice-over also includes instructions and references to specific artworks, buildings and vistas as visitors approach them on the predetermined route.

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