Aug 15, 2005

Last dispatch from Northampton:
When we pulled into the dorm and were walking in with our Hooter experience behind us, a big red pickup truck stopped by us and the couple inside with HUGE eyes asked us REALLY QUICKLY whether we knew where the concert hall was. We said, "which one"? The man replied:

Man: You know how they had that African dance thing last night?

Us: (remembering the Sengalese performer who played across the street) yes.

Man: Well, not there. I think there's another place where stuff happens.

Us: Do you mean the John Greene Hall?

Man: Yes yes yes! That's the one Yup!

Woman: So, they have all the regular concerts over there (pointing in the direction of the John Greene Hall) and all the African concerts over there (pointing in the direction where the Sengalese band had played the night before).

Us: Yes. That's exactly right. Regular over there, African over here.

Woman: nods like that makes complete sense.

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