Jul 10, 2005

1. If you go to law school in Wisconsin, graduation admits you to the Wisconsin bar. No need for additional tests. I wish I went to school in Wisconsin. I would have enjoyed both the automatic admission and the cheese.

2. If crime's afoot, you can be Terry stopped by a police officer and "patted down." The police officer cannot squeeze any part of you.

3. My 11 year old darling of a car has almost 100,000 miles on it. I've put every single one of them on there myself, but I've been somewhat slow in getting to 100,000 miles. Trade-in value of the car? $1,897. That's for 4-speed transmission, air conditioning, rear spoiler in ROUGH condition. She runs great, but doesn't look all that pretty doing it. I'll be driving the Snooker until she won't drive no more.

4. Gerber Daisies are half price at Acacia Flowers in Van Ness on Saturdays.

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