Jul 25, 2005

About a month ago, a friend (who's uncle runs Lost Highway) offered me a ticket to Lyle Lovett's show on Wednesday night at Wolf Trap. She even dangled the possibility of going backstage to meet him.

Damn the bar exam! As is well documented on this blog, I'm a Lyle lover. Last summer's Wolf Trap show was a highlight of my vast concert-attending life. Since I'm a star hound, I have been "backstage" with the stars a few times in my life (Hootie, Dave Matthews, Edwin McCain, Allman Brothers, Matchbox 20, Kid Rock - could this list BE more impressive?) and I've never found it to be all that great... although the possibility that attempting the Julia Roberts BIG grin would bring me nuptuals in a matter of weeks is a fun diversion! Love that crazy hair Lyle!

Anyway - I am awfully sad that I'll miss the quintessential Wolf Trap evening this summer. That's right, I'm not from Texas.

Off to Upper Marlboro through Wednesday night! Catch ya'll on the flipside!

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