Jul 20, 2005

"How are you? Only 6 more days - it will soon be over!
I was just wondering - you ain't a "hollaback girl" are you? I didn't
think so. I ain't one either! I decided that Dee ain't one but
Princess might be one! B-a-n-a-n-a-s"


wharman said...

Gina B. sends along this definition of a Hollaback Girl:

holla back girl:

A girl that is willing to be treated like a doormat or booty call. She is a
girl that will allow guys to do whatever they want with her and will just
wait for them to 'holla back' at them.

"Jermaine fools around with Aisha. Thinking he likes her, she waits around
for him to make contact with her again."

wharman said...

Dee = Mom's 11 year old foster lhasa apso.

Princess = a dog mom is watching while her friend is out of town.

nm said...

that's priceless.

DH said...

Hollaback Girl is defined as a cheerleader "popular girl" type who is very shallow and will sell her soul to be liked.
An "ain't no hollaback girl" don't take no s____ from anyone and is true to what she wants and believes!