Jul 8, 2005

Activist Ordered Extradited to US

I went to high school with this guy... I was just browsing Google News, and there he was, under the "Top Stories" section. 83 stories. Michael Scarpitti. He was a wrestler, fairly popular. He dated a friend of mine (who has since run for Congress - funny eh?) and they used to massively celebrate each month they'd been dating.

He goes by Tre Arrow now. From his website:

Environmentalist and refugee hopeful, Tre Arrow has been incarcerated in Canada for over a year. He is being imprisoned while awaiting a possible extradition to the United States. Like the 125 000 American draft dodgers who came to Canada between 1964 and 1977, Tre came to Canada hoping to escape persecution in the United States. This became Tre's only option when his life in Portland, Oregon was unjustly turned upside down in the Summer of 2002. The US government is laying charges that would see him locked up for the rest of his life if convicted. After working tirelessly for years to protect some of the only ancient forests left in the North Western U.S., Tre had become an extremely well-known and important organizer. Like other peaceful organizers, Tre found himself at the forefront of an environmental movement which successfully interfered with industrial powers; he therefore became a target. Environmental journalist Tim Ream wrote in reference to Tre's case, “If you garner increasing popular support, you are a threat to everything the state stands for. You must be stopped.”


wharman said...

If he did blow up that stuff, I understand that the government would want to stop him from doing it,
but since he didn't hurt anyone I have a hard time deciding if I think she should go to jail for 80 years.... Seems like he should just have to pay the damages. It's impossible to say, though, since I'm no lawyer.

Anonymous said...

the today show thing has not aired yet, wendy. -az