Jun 5, 2005

At the last second, I pinched a pocket and signed up for the PTEX course. It's 10-5 on Saturdays and Sundays, and purports to help me do well on the essay portion of the bar. Not incidentally, the essay portion is weighed far more heavily than the substantive law/multiple choice section. Hopefully this is a good way to spend my precious little time. I'll still be following the BarBri schedule during the week and, to the extent that I'm behind, on the weekends.

The material itself really isn't hard. Sure, there are some concepts I just don't get and probably won't ever get. The trouble is in the vastness of the information. For each question, I may get attacked from any number of subjects that contain entire courseloads of theories and doctrines, and I have to pick out only the ones that apply and remember the sorts of things I should discuss in order to make appropriate arguments. It's messy and makes me very thirsty.

The instructor told me I was a creative left-handed thinker today and I'm not sure that it was a compliment. She was smiling and at least feigning appreciation of this crazy noggin, so I'll take it that way, not that it will get me the points necessary to pass the bar.

P.S. the Howard U. Law School's library has GREAT chairs.

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