Jun 18, 2005

And one of them is my mama. She's on a Mediterannean Cruise right now and was kind enough to send word that's she's safe and having fun:

Sad to hear about the peeing and pooping, Rick*. Hope you are having fun otherwise. Sounds great for you to come home July 28-Aug.1 with Gina, Wendy**. We are not partying that much like rock stars*** but we are eating like big fat pigs! We have made several friends but our best friends are a lady our age from Australia, Carol, and a Catholic priest, Harry, who is 74. They are both traveling alone and so hang out with us some. Harry is a hoot. Today one of the tour guides was named Marcello and he must have been one of the best looking guys we**** have ever seen. He was quite young but all of the ladies very much enjoyed looking at him and considered him one of the best sights of the day. Yesterday we rode up in single person chair lifts to the top of Capri which had absolutely beautiful views. Every day's sights are more beautiful than the day before. Hope you are both having a fun time.
Love you,

* = brother Rick lives in Stuart with mama. Also sharing the house are Sam, a golden retriever, and Delilah, a foster Lhasa Apso. Evidently, their intestines have been affected by mama's absence.

** = that would be the few days after the bar. Good friend Gina B. is also taking it, and we'll be looking for a little vegetable-on-the-beach action far far away from Maryland.

*** = partying like rock stars is a family term for going out.

**** = does this "we" imply that Harry also enjoyed looking at Marcello?

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Gina Beck said...

Aforementioned vegetable checking in. How many days and counting are we? I can't even tax my brain for that kind of math. Ocean Blvd here we come!