Jun 16, 2005

As if it's not enough to be memorizing everything about the law I can fit in my brain, I'm charged with the task of mastering Dreamweaver at work. It's really fun, and hopefully I'll be able to rig it so that I can do some more interesting things with this blog soon, but it just seems like a lot to learn right now. If anyone out there has helpful hints for (1) passing the bar while working full-time and/or (2) quickly learning the basics of Dreamweaver without really thinking, I'd be appreciative.

Do you ever have memory flashes from YEARS ago in your head for a second? That just happened while I was typing. I remembered playing in a pool with my brother and my best friend Laura and we made up new lyrics for "Do Your Ears Hang Low." I think they went like this:

Is your nose real big?
Is it big as a pig's?
Can you put a rock up it?
Can you put a bug up it?
Can you flare it real well?
Can you get a big dig?
Is your nose real big?

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