May 7, 2005

The Kentucky-bred Monfalcones invited us over several years in a row (I'm guessing 1982-1984) to watch the three year olds run around. I liked this because (1) I enjoyed feeding the ducks at the pond across the street while the grownups chatted about work, but I didn't touch the babies because if I did their mama wouldn't want to take care of them anymore; (2) I liked hearing the story about how I was born at the exact moment the Derby got underway in 1976; (3) there was a fun chart meant to keep track of bets on the horses; and (4) the Monfalcones sometimes sang Old Kentucky Home.

At 6:04 today, I'll be cheering for Afleet Alex. Cuz my mama told me to.

Why did I dream that a high school friend of mine was Ann Curry's replacement on The Today Show? Marci Garrison, I'm not sure if you're in broadcasting or that I'm a fortune teller, but watch out for NBC on your caller ID.

It's ridiculous to sit here pretending to fill out a Maryland Bar application while it's so beautiful outside. Giddy-up!

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widttf said...

how can you forget the gag gifts at the monfalcones? that's where i stocked up on black ink gum and other assorted fun things.