May 13, 2005

JT, PD and I took a cab home from dinner in the Central West End last night. Our driver was an articulate african american high school teacher; one who listens to public radio and has well thought out opinions on the state of media and political affairs in the country. He also has opinions about his St. Louis neighbors and stated, "I hope that you don't find yourselves here for any length of time. For myself, my departure is imminent. It won't be 48 hours after the end of the school year before I'll move away forever." Among other things, he finds that the citizens of this town are too quiet. They don't speak up when they don't like something and shy away from conflict. He didn't know we were visiting media activists.

This morning, I went to the media reform equivalent of a religious revival, complete with big screens, cheers, and standing ovations that would rival in number the State of the Union Address. That said, there were some inspiring and eloquent speakers: John Nichols, Janine Jackson, Mark Cooper, Malkia Cyril, Amy Goodman, and Robert McChesney.

After the revival, I saw a screening of No Logo: Brands, Globalization, and Resistance. No Logo is a book by Naomi Klein that I've been meaning to read for years. She didn't have much to do with the film, other than to be interviewed. I thought it was insightful and I will now make efforts to actually read the book.

I had lunch with Sandy Pearlman. I then went to a panel where Patty Smith and Sandy Pearlman and John Nichols spoke in general about the music industry.

Still don't have sleeping pants. For those at the edge of their seats, I did wear my jeans to bed last night. I'm seriously considering purchasing a pair of boys swimming trunks from the hotel lobby store.

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