May 15, 2005

Well, the panels went on and they were all inspiring. I can't shake the feeling that I've been to something like this before, and I've figured out that the mysterious deja vu is coming from my church camp experiences. Only instead of being converted to Jesus, it's all about converting media.

Around about 12:30 today the little guys in my throat decided to start a fire. It WAS cold in there... I was feeling a bit fevery and my nose had definitely turned up it's regularly intense running regime. I went up to the hotel lobby shop, the same one where they sell boys swimming trunks that might double as sleeping pants, and bought the only cold & allergy medicine they had. For $7.50. I took the single tab of Actifed and went to the Artists Caucus, where I was supposed to help organize a bunch of artists around issues they care about (which is an exercise not unlike herding cats). Instead, I sat down and nearly passed out right there, but had the gumption to gather myself for the elevator ride to the hotel room upstairs, where I passed out for just under 2 hours. Don't let em tell you Actifed is nondrowsy. I didn't tell my coworkers what was happening, so you can imagine there was an ensuing 3 hours of us looking for one another. I sort of gave up after 2 and went to hug the arch.

We found each other in the keynote address, Grand Ballroom, listening to Al Franken, Phil Donohue, and Patti Smith do their preaching. Patti played a few songs and was actually quite brilliant. Also, a guy named Jim Hightower spoke for a while and said things like, "They say using a single feather is sexy, but using a chicken is kinky. Well, these people are using the whole chicken."

The second Actifed is currently taking its toll, and I'm on a plane back home at 8am in the morning.

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