May 5, 2005

When I moved to DC almost three years ago, one of the first things I did was figure out where to get my hairs cut... On a few solid suggestions, I made an appointment at the new Bang Salon on U Street. $20 for a cut and blow dry, and not three-tenths of a mile from my home. I went back to Bang several times, and the place seemed to be getting more and more popular. I don't begrudge them business success, but my appointments kept getting shorter and shorter:
"You don't mind if I don't blow your hair ALL THE WAY DRY today, do you?" (still charged for blow dry)
and the prices kept getting higher and higher:
"That'll be $35."

Then Bang implemented the online appointment system. I made an appointment, arrived 10 minutes early, and they told me that the computer should never have given me that appointment, there's no way they could honor it. This then happened a second time. I didn't make a fuss.

It's now been quite a while since my hairs were cut, so Monday I got online for one more try, and made an appointment for
9:30 this morning. I never got a confirmation email, but showed up anyway only to find out:
1. they set my appointment for 9:00am
2. since I missed it, they would charge my credit card the full $35
3. they couldn't reschedule until next week sometime in the middle of the day.

There was some arguing, but I didn't get anywhere with the receptionist. Listen guys, if you can't handle the online system, DON'T USE IT. Also, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!

Looks like Demian is about to get a call from me. It's worth the extra $15 for a thorough and hassle-free experience.


wharman said...

And after several communications, they are STILL refusing to refund the money.

wharman said...

But I did get an appointment at Bang renegade's salon, Demian's, for this Saturday. Thanks, Demian!

Underused said...

You should file a complaint with the BBB: