May 1, 2005

Today is the first day of my last year in the 20's. I woke up a little wrinklier today, but it's been fun to turn 29... Feels like a good time to reflect on the happy bday's of the past:
28: Wore a blue bridesmaid dress and wished Meredith and Bryan all the best on their wedding day in Atlanta
27: BBQ party in the backyard on Kalorama in DC
26: Hot Asian Boxes and Hot Pressed Sandwiches with friends and Peter Gannon at the Audobon in Beantown
25: Blue Ginger dinner with the BF
24: Nice dinner in Newton, MA with the BF
23: Friends and cocktails at Neighbor's Pub in Atlanta, GA
22: Probably something nice with the Biltmore girls and Club 519 in Atlanta
21: Maggie's pub helped me ring in lawful imbibing.
20: Drove from Atlanta to Stuart, FL just in time for a nice family dinner
19: Surprise party attended by the residents of Dobbs Dorm at Emory... a welcome relief to studying for finals
18: Benihana with family and friends in Stuart, FL. Also the date I received the amazing Snooker, still getting me around today.

I'm a lucky girl...

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