Apr 21, 2005

Amy Ray and the Athens Boys Choir play the Black Cat mainstage. This half of the Indigo Girls involves herself with musicians' policy issues, so I'll be there with flyers telling the fans how they can engage in getting the Low Power FM legislation passed.

I like Diet Coke. A lot. Right now, Coca-Cola has a promotion thingy happening with green tops that may or may not say "You get a free ________!" inside. Well, I was lucky enough to receive one that allows me to get 1 free liter of a Coca-Cola product. The thing is, I enjoy single cans or 20oz bottles, but not so much the liter bottles. They go flat too easily, and nobody likes a flat coke.
So I've been trying to cash in my liter chip for a 20 ounce bottle, and noone in the greater DC area seems amenable to this great deal! Rejection galore.

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wharman said...

The show was much better than I expected. I like Amy Ray solo better than the Indigo Girls stuff, I think. But then again, it's newer to me, and I can't listen to "Closer to Fine" one more time in my life. The spoken word/rapper transgendered duo that went on before were also quite dynamic. If you were there, I hope you picked up an LPFM flyer!